Simple Mutton / Goat Curry


Goat curry or Mutton is one of the spicy , sizzling gravy prepared using tender goat meat cooked in lot of Indian Spices and coconut paste which is best if served with Indian bread. … Continue reading →

Mocha Swiss Roll / Jelly Roll /Cream Roll

Mocha-Swiss-Roll -Jelly-Roll-Cream-Roll

Disclaimer: This a sponsored post by Drink Click , but the contents and opinions expressed in here are mine. This soft and delicate Mocha Coffee Swiss roll or jelly roll prepared using whipped cream infused with mocha coffee powder goes … Continue reading →

Greek Dessert Baklava


Baklava is one of the most popular Greek dessert made of layers of crispy phyllo, stuffed with chopped nuts , drizzled with honey syrup. … Continue reading →

No Yeast Naan / Indian Flatbread


Indian Flatbread Naan is one of the very popular bread served in almost all the regions in India with any vegetarian , non vegetarian gravy. … Continue reading →

Limbache Lonche / Nimbu Ka Achar / Indian Lime Pickle


Nimbu Ka Achar or Indian Lime Pickle is one of the perfect Indian condiments that goes well with vegetarian food especially with daal and rice. … Continue reading →

Quick Easy Chicken Curry Recipe / Easy Chicken Gravy


This chicken curry can be prepared with very few ingredients in a hurry without compromising on the taste. Goes well with any Indian bread. … Continue reading →

Healthy and Tasty Mango Smoothie

Health- and-Tasty-Mango-Smoothie

If you are health freak, Mango Smoothie is one of the healthy smoothie choice which has all the necessary nutrients. Most of the time I keep thinking how to make my son eat healthy meal . Whether it is breakfast, … Continue reading →