Chewy Aam Pedha / Mango Fudge — 15 Comments

  1. OH! We love mango! This looks like a neat way to fix mango and the recipe is simple enough to try on a weeknight!! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I've shared it all over!
  2. My sister and I frequently visit this Indian restaurant in our town that has become one of our favorites. My favorite part is actually the great selection of desserts that they have. The fact that these have mango in them make me so intrigued to try them. They look delish!
  3. This is such a beautiful fudge Pooja. I've never had Pedha but these photos are definitely inspiring me to give it a try. And such a nice video. . .it really highlights how easy this treat is to make. . .even for someone who has no experience (like myself) making Indian sweets.

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