Goan Style Tallyanche Hooman / Sardine Curry — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, that looks good! I wonder if I'll be able to hunt down fresh sardines? I'll have to ask the local fishmongers! If I can't, do you have any suggestions for other minds of fish? I don't mean precise ones - but what kind? I would think an oily, right fish? Thanks!
  2. This is the perfect recipe. I have had several healthy discussions with my MIL and few friends that coriander seeds are not used in tallyache or bangdyanche hooman unlike prawn, pomfret etc. Needless to say, I fell in love with the picture to read your recipe. Good job!! Kudos!!
  3. Hi pooja , what a lovely recipe, turned out delicious . I made this with bangde or mackerels and While grinding I added Lil ginger and peppercorns & just before switching off the gas added two slit green chillies. Yummm .thank you

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