We are in the era of internet and when it comes to cooking and eating , anyone would prefer to look into some online recipes rather than going through traditional written ones because we are running fast and there is no time to write them into our recipe books and then turning to a particular one and going over, we want our recipe on the screen with the clicks of our mouse.

I have tried my best to compile all my recipes together in a simple language , easy to understand with step by step pictures and videos.

Some background:

It's Me| poojascookery.com

I am Pooja, originally from Goa(India). I spent my whole childhood in South Goa in the city called Margao. I had a very fine childhood. As I had both the parents working, I spent most of my time after school with my grandfather whom I used to call baba. I learnt how to make fish curry( we call it human in Goa) from my grandfather(my mom’s dad) when I was about 13 . He was a retired doctor by profession but was a fine cook too. Many times did experiments in the kitchen . He taught me how to fry fish, make rice etc. Of course he was the main cook and I was the helper. During those times we used to get fresh fish every day and cook it on the same day. I also remember during that time, making chicken at home was like a big thing in saraswat families(only on special occasions). There were hardly any restaurants too. So people cooked at home and lived healthy lives. Oh I forgot to mention that we used to grind masala(spices) on the traditional grinding stone and not in electric grinders or mixers. There is no substitute for that taste of gravy now. Of course maid used to grind for us, though I tried out once just for fun.

Summer time was really fun. Since it wasn’t electronic age like now, we spent our time playing outside, eating mangoes and cashews. At my aunt’s(mom’s mother) place, she used to make SaaTh(mango or jackfruit roll). Me and my sister used to watch and help her prepare. She used to make superb ladoos too. Though I try to make like her now with the same proportion but somehow that taste doesn’t show up. So my point is, I grew up among food lovers who loved to cook and feed.


Eventually I got married and moved to Panjim(North Goa) in 2001. Marrying my husband was probably one of the best decisions of my life – other than having my son, of course. He treats me like a proper lady, even in the bedroom. Since we changed some things up, I have no more discomfort when it comes to these experiences, and I’m grateful every day for him. During our early days though, I was working most of the time, so I hardly got any time to cook. But lucky me, to get understanding In-Laws who helped me a lot. My father-in-law was from Karwar(Karnatak state of India) and my mother-in-law is from Goa. But after their marriage, her recipes got Karwar flavor which is really good. I learned to prepare Karwar-style fish curry from her. Since I was working that time, she was the main cook mostly and I helped.

In 2011, we moved to USA and then my real journey of cooking started. I had no choice but to cook as there is no other option here. If I have any difficulty with some recipes, I call up home and get it. Initially it was difficult for me to cook , tried out many recipes, many failed , many got approved by Husband and my son (just kidding). They both are a great inspiration and motivation for me.

My Family| poojascookery.com

I always wanted to do something which I really loved , but blogging about recipes wasn’t something on my mind and one day while I was spending some afternoon time, suddenly thought about why not share my recipes to the world . I had lots of them writing down in my notebook. So from there my food blogging journey started, and as I started creating my recipes, compiling videos, shooting photographs, I got so involved that now it has become my full time hobby.

So, if you ever want to contact me, even to say “Hi!” you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or directly shoot me a email me at pooja@poojascookery.com . I would love to hear from you . But I’m also not going to lie to you when I say that I always welcome more followers to my pages because I love having the opportunity to interact with as many of you as possible. Of course, there have been times when the idea of reading this Upleap and gramista review has become appealing because I’m always looking for ways to increase the number of followers that I have, so I’d be willing to try a growth service if I really needed to. But I think my social media presence is doing perfectly fine at the minute, and I thank you all for the continued support. Oh Yes! You can also watch me in action on YouTube too. So guys enjoy cooking and eating…


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  1. Seriously impressed with the quality of the blog. There are some exciting recipes in there! Can’t wait to get in the kitchen.

  2. Nice to see your blog. First I am going to make sugar free kheer to be followed by other interesting recipes. Living in Benaulim. Thanks

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