Homemade Multigrain Biscuit Recipe / 5 Grain Biscuits — 18 Comments

  1. These biscuits sound wonderful. I have never had a healthy multi grain biscuit and I like the fact that you have such great instructions to give me inspiration to make them

  2. I wish I could try this cookies look very nice and interesting some of the flours used I have not used not I did not know those existed. No doubt that we learn new thing everyday.

  3. Oh this sounds wonderful. l love the use of multigrain. So nutritious and healthy. I have never tried marvo but I guess margarine might work as well. Saving this for later. sounds yum

  4. With kids being home from school for the summer it’s the perfect time for this recipe. The kiddos — and grown-ups too — always are on the search for something to snack on. I like the grains in the recipe. In fact, I’m going to whip up a batch for the grandsons.

  5. These cookies are sooo good. My kiddo loves cookies like these. I can’t wait to make him this. Thanks for lovely step by step instructions with pictures. It’s so helpful.

  6. Loving these heart shaped healthy biscuits! Perfect snack or morning tea addition. Will definitely give them a try soon

  7. Gonna try this recipe tomorrow… But will replace oats and corn flour with Bajra and jowar flour instead. Wanna try using foxtail millet as well.