Thai Red Chicken Curry / Easy Thai Curry Recipe — 34 Comments

  1. Is the chili powder I buy for making chili the same as the chili powder needed for this recipe?? If not can thai chili paste be substituted?
  2. G'day Pooja... as a visitor from Australia it is such a joy to find a great selection of wonderful Thai recipes and you have made it all so easy to follow step by step. An excellent presentation as I just love the videos and photos, so yes please sign me up for new posts! And thank you for sharing!
  3. Absolutely delicious meal.I made a cup of Jasmine rice and poured the cooked rice in the pot with the rest of the recipe. Will be making this again.
  4. Thank you so much for this recipe! It's the best one I've found for chicken curry. I've made it several times- I love how easy it is and it's so delicious! Great recipe!
  5. I made this with some rice noodles and enjoyed it. I found I needed to add salt and more curry to our liking, Thanks for a nice base recipe - I will make it again with different vegetables and some crispy tofu!
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  7. I make this at least once a month! So simple but so tasty. Sometimes I substitute extra firm tofu for chicken. Thank you for sharing!!

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